The Nature and Functioning of the Sovereign State System

Sovereign State System

Nature and Functioning of the Sovereign State System: States are the main actors of international relations and basic international system units. Traditionally, the emphasis. Was on the study of the politics and relations among these states. But after the innovation of behavioral approaches in the post-Second World War period, the emphasis was given to other … Read more

Nature, Purpose and Scope of International Relations

international relations

Foreign policies To define the meaning and nature of international relations is a ticklish job. It has been a complex work owing to many reasons. First, the terms international politics and international relations were and still are used interchangeably and loosely. For many years scholars remained confused over the contents of these terms. They were … Read more

Nationalism and civilization

Nationalism and Civilization

The Nature of Nationalism and Civilization. IF the modern world could settle its organization in economic terms only, the transition to an international order would not be a matter of overwhelming difficulty. The credit system’s mechanisms have already established an interdependence sufficient to overlap all physical boundaries, and modern scientific development, especially in the means … Read more

The Nature Of Political Science Definition,Theory, And Scope

Political Science – Meaning, Definition and Nature

We all are acquainted with the term ‘Political Science.’ Ever since man started living an organized social life, Politics has come to play a vital role. As we all know, Political Science is concerned with different political activities of human beings contemplation, occasions, activities, and organizations. It incorporates both comprehensions and clarifying the universe of … Read more